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Should there be any air exiting the dump tube of my external wastegate(tial 38mm) while its idling...i almost think there is air coming out of it, but not sure if its my ic fan or just the outside boosts fine, just checking.

also i need a new gasket for my wastegate to manifold mounting point, my old one burned through, now i have some gasket paper on it, but im sure it wont last long, anyone know where i can pick one up?

I pretty positive i have a small leak on my exhaust manifold. after i installed my td06 one of the studs broke off clean into the head, and didnt want to take my head all the way off just for one stud..its been boosting fine and i havent noticed any problems, but will this be okay? Could i have problems with burned exhaust valves ect?

Im having a guy from school(uti) install my greddy emanage system and the sensors. He said the install is going good and is really easy, but he usually works on rx7's, and he knows how to tune the haltech standalone systems. Just wondering if he should be capable of tuning my car with the emanage? I know hes tuned several fc and fd's with upgraded turbo's on the haltechs and one sr20 powered 240sx.

so should i trust him to tune my car? engine mods are td06 20g, tial external gate, greddy ic kit, blitz nur spec, apexi intake, spec clutch, greddy emanage, boost and egt gauge.

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