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Just Saying Hey

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Hi everyone!

This is my first post on here so i just wanted to say hi and give a little info on my car.
I have a 1986 Aw11 with 121k miles.
Though my engine has currently 409 miles because I had to rebuild it.
I bought my mr2 in October 2019 for a good deal because it had a blown motor. I got the machine work done in January/feburary and am currently trying to smog it(California). I failed once already because my hydrocarbons were too high at idle. I have a slight missfire that I believe is the cause of my failed smog that I have been trying to figure out.
But besides that shes a gorgeous little Aw11 and im so happy to have her!
Any questions or comments I will gladly answer:)

Oh p.s. Rukia is my cars name not mine, but go ahead and refer to me as it lol.
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How did you set the ignition timing?
I set it too 10° with the terminals jumped. But I think I actually just figured out the cause of my missfire, I will update if im right
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