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Jspec swap - fuel pump?

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I have a 93 NA and I just picked up a 94+ 3SGTE Complete Engine (5SP Transmission, Turbo, Intercooler, Complete Wiring Harness & ECU, Axles, Discs). I'm gonna get an OEM 91 turbo exhaust off of a friend.

I know I need a bigger fuel pump. What fuel pump would you guys recommend? I'm not planning on doing any major HP upgrades for a while. This is setting me back more than I can afford as it is.

Is there anything else I need for the NA->94+ swap that I've missed?

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you could just get a turbo pump...BUT while your in there changing it out as it is, i suggest getting a supra tt or walbro. maybe a lil more money now, but a hell of less hassle trying to change it out a second time later on down the road.
Will any Walbro intank pump fit? Any specific model you recommend?
Walbro 255lph, you can find MR2 specific kits on ebay for ~$99. Be warned that the Walbro pump is louder then stock and you can hear it whine at idle. Doesn't really bother me but if you want it to be as quiet as stock you should go with the Supra TT pump. You will also need the Turbo shifter cables if your clip doesn't include them.
Any hints on where I can find the shifter cables for a decent price? I think I'm gonna try to track down the TT pump.
You can find the TT pump at, recommend that you buy the filter that comes with it. As for shifter cables, I would hit up Mister3 or find someone who is parting out there turbo cars.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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