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JDM Motorized/Turning Fog Lights Installed & Functional!

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LOL, it's 4am and I just finished wiring these babies up after about 9 hours worth of work! It was so easy and I'm surprised that nobody beat me to it.

Well, like most have said before, in order for this ultra cool mod to work on USDM cars you NEED the ECU, switch, lights, JDM Wiring diagram and steering sensor. :thumbup

YOU DO NOT NEED a Power Steering ECU/ harness or what ever other rumors that are floating around. :bsflag:

Heres a little step by step with some pictures. If anyone wants some help doing this I am more then willing to help out any way possible.

Video of it in action!

First: Get your hands on a JDM Wiring Diagram. I found mine in a search. (Thanks Ishii!!) This is THE MOST critical part of the install.

Second: Open the ECU and note that all of the wires coming in are labeled on the circuit board. Match these wires with their corresponding numbers on the diagram.

Third: Follow the 5 wires to each fog light using the diagram. This is very straight forward and involves just following the 5 wires from each light to the ecu. They are even the same colors!
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Fourth: uninstall your turn/window wiper switches and disassemble it. Also disassemble the JDM one as well. (I did not have a diagram for this, so it can get a little tricky.) Now you must transfer your pigtail from the USDM harness to the JDM assembly. Open the turnsignal/light switches and match the up with the jdm wires and merge them together (Mostly same colors). Next, open the win shield wiper unit. this is difficult because the jdm switch has adjustable speed. It's ok though, just read the Japanese letters and match them up with the ones on the USDM unit. Colors are different, but as long as you match the letters up, every thing will work fine. I didn't retain my CC because I dont have it on my car, so i just disregarded those wires.

what was left after I was done

Fifth: After doing this wiring you will be left with 6 wires on the steering unit. Refer to the diagram. 5 wires connect to the Ecu and one is a ground. Look closely at the diagram though. Some wires may also need to be tied into a Ignition or ground circuit those having two ends to one wire.

Sixth: try to wrap all of your wires up to resemble a oem wiring harness. This keeps things organized.
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Seventh: wire in the switch to the us fog switch location. Refer to the diagram. Wire 3 (yellow) connects to the ecu (MSW) as well as 4 (green i think) (LMP on ECU and must also connect with an ignition wire). And here's a picture of what i found in a quick search for the other wire colors.

Finally: Plug everything in and see if it works! Don't forget to hook up the Grnd and +B (positive constant batt) and Ignition. I was left with one wire that didn't look significant. If it didn't work i was just going to ground it but it ended up working with out it. ;)

I'm going to post more pics up tomorrow when i finish physically installing them into the car. the previous owner did something with the wiring to the relay so I have to re-wire the relay to the switch for the lights to turn on.

Tried to take a picture of the reflector moved in different positions but unfortunately you can't really tell. I'll keep this updated with new pictures to further help on installs!!

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very impressive! I'll be trying this soon too. Thanks for the extensive write-up and pics!
Blurvision said:
Wow good job. How is it at night? Worth the effort?

Thank you very much for the comments guys! Well, im gonna finish putting them on and post some more pics at night.

I'm surprised that more people don't care. LOL...but now we know that it can be done...cheaply! I bought everything on eBay for a good price from a US soldier in Japan. No body even bidded on the lights,so I wrote him an e-mail with a conditional offer that he included all of the pieces needed. needless to say he accepted. :thumbup
Would love to see these in action as well! Post a vid if you can!
ahhcoool :thumbup all i need now is steering sensor and ecu

also +1 on some motorized fog vids
Sorry it's hard to capture this stuff with pictures....however, im goin to take a video as soon as my batteries charge up.

Use the NX box as a reference.



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I Vote For A Sticky!
All right guys, got a video up!


I hope that I was a help for anyone looking to perform this mod. I know that I went crazy trying to find info and help, so now heres a little place for a start. :thumbup
I was wondering how long it would take someone to figure out I included the Reflector control wiring! hahahaha. :ninja:
haha wow...i didnt know they would turn that much. still too much work for me to get mine to work though. removing the fogs is a pain bc im worried about them falling out again. so now i only have one jdm turning fog. the other one is usdm, overpriced and sucks! :rolleyes: that is a pretty sick mod though. i vote sticky
Does this realistically help that much at night when going around a corner?
Ishii said:
I was wondering how long it would take someone to figure out I included the Reflector control wiring! hahahaha. :ninja:
HAHA yeah, I saw the diagram posted a long time ago and wasn't sure what everything was. But once I cracked open the ECU it all came together. Thanks again man, I couldn't have got it to work with out it.

Does this realistically help that much at night when going around a corner?
Well it's been snowing here in Philly, so I can't take my car outside. As soon as the weather clears up I'll get a better video and more input.
thwam said:
Does this realistically help that much at night when going around a corner?
I've never noticed that much help at speed.

Driving around slow at night in dark areas help you to see around the corners though.

I guess the coolest thing about them is to show them off to people.

Very Nice.. So when are you going to come over and wire mine.. i'll buy the drinks..
Good work on the install.

My car has the steering fogs (90 JDM) and as Ishi said they don't really help much at speed.
Great vid!! Thanks!
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