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... close your eyes, imagine strapping in, sparking up your 12-cylinder Ferrari 275 GTB, for an early morning drive across town, to rendezvous with your special secret lover.

Then, toggle the link, below:

You never see the vehicle. The soundtrack suggests a twelve cylinder Ferrari. We never see the driver. But, how that vehicle is clutched, gushing re-revs, strongly suggests none other than, Jacques Laffite?

How romantic! Truly captures your imagination.

But, no! Gyroscopic camera, no front bumper to mount it to, it couldn’t have been a Ferrari. A real downer, turns out, it's the Martha Stewart por le meux mobile! A lousy 4-door Mercedes Benz sedan, with a three-speed automatic transmission:

Filmmaker Claude Lelouch later dubbed in the sound of his 12-cylinder Ferrari, with a 5-speed manual.

Amidst the fakery, artificial sound, driven by nobody special, just some everyday schmuck who'd driven that route a thousand times over, it's the end of the film which made it a classic -

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