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Is this a good buy?

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I just found a chromoly flywheel on ebay but i want to know if it looks like a quality part. It looks good to me but if someone could check it out for me and let me know I would appreciate it.

The item number is: 8034317702
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Sounds like it was written by a 16 year old girl ricer from Texas.
I like these remarks:

Just in from Japan.
(Like where else would this come from?)

You NEVER see an aluminum flywheel in Japan,
Only billet steel ones.
The aluminum ones are too failure prone.
(3 pieces, held together by press fit, and screws !, Give me a break!)

A light flywheel will allow you to better maintain a perfect Drift,
by giving instant throttle response.

I will not sell, or ship to anyone in:
Syria, Iran, N. Korea, or - france - !!
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try to buy it under an assumed name like 'Pepe La Pu' or "Akmad A La Akbar" or "Kim Soong Kik Yoras"
I agree they sound like an idiot. But the part looks decent. I e-mailed the guy and he said they are made by a company called Ogawa Engineering. I have never heard of that brand name. Any input would be great.
he's pretty reputable...and most of his stuff looks top notch...there's been past posts about this guy...just try to 'F' with him during the sale to "get back" at his Texan(and Bush-like) opinion regarding world domination
I was going to buy one of his flywheels but a. the fact that I've never heard of the maker, b. It doesn't say whether or not the part is new and could easily be a stock flywheel, and c. the advertising sounds stupid, I decided to back out and get a Fidanza. Besides, unless you're drag racing your Two, you'd probably be better off with an aluminum flywheel.
I'll never put an aluminum flywheel on my car. 1. Aluminum is weaker than chromoly, 2. Aluminum doesn't handle heat as well, 3. its made of two pieces which gives it the likelyhood of coming apart. No thanks. I'd like to keep my tranny in one piece.
If you're going to spend money on a good flywheel and go through the crap of changing it, get one you know you can trust. I wouldn't get it.
what's wrong with aluminum flywheel... I rev it to 8k with my 20v everytime I drive... no problem. please try it first, I never heard any bad news for aluminum and most of my friends use it for their drag car... reaaaaallll drag car not wanna be....
reza330 said:
what's wrong with aluminum flywheel...
nothing. people like to imagine problems.
^^^ right, that's why in another board members saturn, all of the pressure plate bolts backed out of his aluminum flywheel - the different metals have different expansion rates.
Just do a search on here for aluminum flywheels or fidanza flywheels I'm know you will find a grip of bad reviews on them. At least that's what i did when I was looking at them.
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