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Hey all,

I actually posted here a long while back about this same problem, and thought I'd fixed it, but to no avail. Here's the intro:

'91 USDM 5S-FE with no mods.
-ignition coil
-spark wires
-spark plugs
-distributor (complete replacement)
also (probably unrelated) new:
-fuel filter

This is almost certainly an ignition issue, as I occasionally can pull a code "14" from the OBD1 diagnostics. It used to get worse in the rain, but after replacing the igniter and the wires, that doesn't seem to be the case any more.

Sometimes it won't start,
sometimes it will start after cranking for a long time,
sometimes it will start immediately but hesitate on the road,
and it used to shut off while driving in heavy rain.

It tends to run smoothly at higher RPMs and deeper in the throttle; light throttle at lower revs is the recipe for hiccups and hesitation.

Check out this super-weird video of it running on one cylinder from a couple days ago:

My only guesses are ECU or wiring. I'm sure I'm wrong, as I have been the last five times. I have capacitors on-order for the ECU, just in case.

Send help, pls. 😓
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