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I am not sure about the actual cost of shipping. I know that it can fluctuate quite a bit depending on the standard of shipping that you desire.

A word of CAUTION!! (Or a few words) After speaking to someone who used to be in the business of importing cars, I came to learn that it is a high risk endeavor at best. What I mean is that with all the handling that is involved with shipping a vehicle overseas, the vehicle must endure a fair deal of bouncing around. The vehicle is transported to a dock, then put into a container and loaded on board, sails on a ship for hell knows how long, then is unloaded at the port of entry, then taken out of the container, then :blah: You get the picture? He told me that some of his cars never fully recovered. Again it is relative however, if you pay top dollar for insurance and shipping you will reduce your risk.
He also said that parts tend to disappear during transport. So it's best to strip the car to the bare essentials and send the special parts separately. This would include things like; steering wheels, rims, special mods and so on. It's apparently a fairly lucrative business. :yenko: your research.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts