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Hey everyone,
Sorry for my little hiatus there.... School, work, family, deaths and births, females, and business all had my tooooo busy to do anything... I don't think I have washed my deuce since christmas :cry:

But anyhow, I missed yall,
And I am back in school now... There were hella replys I should make to different threads.... But I am still pretty damn busy so I thought I would do my little take-a-whole-thread-to-anounce-my-return approach :angel:

PS to anyone down in school or just around by De Anza college... Let me know whats up. I saw one duece, with a yamaha inside sticker :thumbup whos is that? i know I have seen it before...

Anyhow... Back with a vengance :biggun
So watch out! MUHAHAHAHA

PS: I still have all the info and contacts on cruise the coast... I even had two people E-mail me outa the blue yesterday that put on huge meets, say they would help, and that they wanted to see it... So if people are still interested.... Just let me know a good date *think summer* anyhow,
Hope everything is kool with everyone... See yall soon!
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