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1987 ? 1990
Most probably attached to the 3 liter V6 GM cars.

ID tag attached to trans will have one of the following...
It needs to have the 3.33 final drive ratio

1987- 7ACH, 7CAH

1988 - 8AJH, 8CDH, 8CFH, 8CMH, 8CRH, 8CTH, 8CWH, 8CXH

1989 - 9CDH, 9CLH. 9PAH, 9PBH, 9YAH, 9YBH, 9YFH, 9YJH

1990 - 0AJH, 0CHH, 0CJH, 0KHH, 0LAH, 0LMH, 0LNH, 0PAH, 0WXH, 0YDH, 0YHH, 0YKH, 0YLH, 0YRH, 0YSH, 0YTH

The tranny needs to be NON-computer controlled hydroalic model.

I have a good 1995 4T80E from a Cadillac that I can trade. Must be good and working.
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