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I hear noises...

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Ok I recently have been hearing a weird high pitch noise. The noise most commonly happens when I reach around 4000 RPM. It doesnt happen when I engine brake, down shift, or accelerate, untill it hits that RPM. Another thing is that when I go higher up in RPM the sound will stop. My car is an '89 NA, with a JDM engine. I also have the intake design from Any ideas of what the could be? Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you guys need anymore info about my car, let me know. Thanks.

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Check out this thread.

It could just be a harmless symptom of the airfilter/afm relocation mod.
If you have a fairly generic cone filter and the same setup as on the write-up, you will get a whine or high pitch buzz at ~4k revs, but for me it only happens when the gas is about halfway down, varying it made it go away. the noise pisse dme off so i made the enclusure which gets rid of the noise.

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thats a clean setup. got a writeup for it? mines set up ight, but i need to figure out how to mount it so it wont bounce around...
is it a tweedling sound?
Alright thanks guys, I am using a K&N cone filter, so its not a generic cone filter. Also, to answer reds question, it is a stable sound, it doesnt tweedle or anything. Alright guys, thanks for the responses, I just wanted to know if it was something to worry about or what. Thanks.

I think in this instance K&N = generic.
generic setup, not brand. it would be different if there was some elaborate piping.
Ahh alright, I got it. I thought he was referring to the brand. Sorry about the misinterpretation.
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