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i got new wheels = ]

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buddyclub p1 racing II
15x6.5 hyper gold.

you should see it in person. i love em.

thnks for looking
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looks good. i especially like the 4th pic but i think you should take some day time pics. the rims look gun metal there. :thumbup
oh so sexy, where'd you get the aftermarket lug nuts that fit? I have a 92t so i'm looking for online sites that sell well made and affordable lug nuts
nice bro... this keeps telling me that i need a set for my mk1

looks aggressive with the black sideskirt and black front lip and the rims just made it better.
thenks for the good comments guys.!

il post some day pics when i wash the car.

man my car has gone a long way.
turn on your headlights...lets see those yellow fogs :)
ehehh i saw u today on freeway.. damn car looks good!
1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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