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How to salvage body parts

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OK-Total noob here WRT body work. Please excuse noob questions. I have searched all of the internets and I cannot seem to find a video or description of how to properly harvest a used unibody frame component from a donor car. I keep hearing of people using "used" parts to repair body damage on their car, and it seems to me that is exactly what I need to do to repair this:

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The "firewall" behind the radiator support is also bent. I was thinking of buying a "body cut" that contained this part. The part looks like it's spot welded and glued or sealed. Am I crazy to think I could drill out the spot welds and carefully separate the joint?
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In case anyone else is searching, it can be done. I found this Tips for Removing A Welded On Body Panel
Also Cutting Up Your Car for Scrap This one gives you an idea of the effort level involved in simply rescuing a part from a donor car. Six cutting discs and three sawzall blades did the whole car. Tips for Removing A Welded On Body Panel had some tips for separating the panels without damaging them.
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