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Courtesy of user drew's toyo from

I know there are a few on but that is so outdated. if any of you know a couple sites with how to's (with pics if possible)post them here. i know a few

Installing an HKS turbo timer (type 1):

Various How To's: apexi intake/rewiring fog lights/springs & struts/greddy catch can etc etc:

MBC install (thanks to the guys at twos r us) best site to buy MBC.

Installing 3 way speaker pods.

Various How to's: Water injection/WB02 sensor/HKS EVC (thanks to ricky B at MRcontrols.)

more various (and very useful) how to's: (thanks to Pat S) Timing belt change/coolant flush/exhaust/vavle cover gasket etc etc

Pivot headlight controller install how to:

How to make your own clear side markers out of the stock ones:

here is a cool do it yourself oil catch can how to for those on a budget:

and of course....Billwoots $8 FCD black box how to:

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Originally posted by drew's toyo

here is another one for water injection.....

*Most of the next ones come from IMOC UK
I put direct links the the ones i thought were most common and had good pictures to help.

How to VIDEO for removing the dash:

How to reset the ECU:

How to replac rear shocks:

How to upgrade to 94+ taillights

How to install Sill Plates:

How to fix squaky power steering:

How to replace tranny fluid with MT-90

How to replace handbrake cable.....(powerpoint)

how to replace the gear linkage:

How to change Distributor cap and rotor: (need adobe acrobat reader.)

Originally posted by kblake
Several How-To Articles:

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Help! the link to the timing belt change is broken or altered. It brings up a web page, but I can't find a timing belt how-to anywhere.
Question I'm trying to answer is how to pull the crank pulley without special tools and with the motor in the car (which means there's not much room in front of the pulley). The BGB pretty much shows a pulley puller that would only fit if the engine were out of the car. In addition, it looks as if you are supposed to pull the pulley bolt first by using a SST 09213-54015 to hold the pulley still while turning the bolt with another SST 09330-00021. Anybody know what to use instead or where to get the SSTs and how much they cost?
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