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I have a 1991 Toyota Mr2 Turbo with 220k miles that I was rebuilding the rear brake calipers for. After install, I went to bleed the brakes and fluid wouldn't come out from either rear caliper bleeder valve. I built pressure from the reservoir using a Motiv brake system power bleeder and disconnected from where the brake line connects to the hard line and fluid wont come out the hard line either. I do however get fluid to come out from the front brake bleeder valves. The fluid is super old and hasn't been changed in a while as the fluid is pretty dark black. This leads me to believe the system is clogged somewhere after the front brake calipers and before where the hard lines connect to the rear brake lines. I have also built 35 psi of pressure from the reservoir to brake the clog loose to no avail. Any ideas on how to free up the system? I don't have an air compressor so 35 psi's is the limit of my power bleeder.

Also, if worse comes to worse, how involved is removing the brake line system if it comes to it and are there any other good diagrams than this one that shows the brake line system?
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Source: Brake Tube & Clamp for 1990 - 1993 Toyota MR 2/ MR-S SW20 | Europe sales region, , 17929257-926532
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