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firebook im going through a similar decision, although i opted to buy a rust free unibody and swap everything onto that because i currently have no qualification in body work, so i can spend my time repairing the front fenders etc as well as possible

(note to travis) i know i have ridden in a old alfa with its rusted rocker panels replaced with roll-bar tubing, and that fact may have only made that car even more enjoyable :) (chassis so solid!) the guy said it took him a day a side for the rocker panels, but then being a old car buff i think he had some experience doing such work

(offtopic)on a side note that car was a steal! he was selling it for $2000, and yes it was a stripped racecar, but early 90s longtail alfa romeo spiders usually go for 20 grand or more! so a refurbished racecar for 2k was a bargin, especially as that car was so amazing to drive

anyways if all else fail i would recommend shipping a rust-free car out of California, you can im getting a frame(harder to transport because it cant move itself, or even roll itself) shipped for 900, usually a running car can be shipped cross country for around 600-800, its also a good idea as the Californians have soo many rust free cars that their crushing many of them once they stop running, so you could save another car in the process

Jody do you have more info on your restoration of that car? id love to know as much as possible, especially as i may piece back together my left over unibody from various crash victims (i have lots of floorpan and rocker panel rott, but structure is okayish), also do you think working on your car made you appreciate the car more, or did it just make you sick of it?
21 - 21 of 21 Posts