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Hey guys,
Well I finally installed this HKS turbo timer(took me 2 hours). All I can say are good things about it. Its awesome! lots of features. :thumbup
They are:
RPM level
Speed meter
30 sec. to 10min turbo timer/manual/set/auto mode
Voltage reading
Heres my fav:
0-60 foot time
8th mile time
1/4 mile time
Lap track time...havent gotten into that setting yet:) There are more features, but its late and Im going to bed soon..:)

It really is an awesome turbo timer. For the price, its one of my best mods. The only thing I wished it had was a boost gauge like my old Blitz one had. Thats all its missing!!!!
Oh yes, it has a blue LED which turns red during shutdown.
The install was really easy, the kit included wire clamps, wire, etc. Donot follow the wiring diagram though, its opposite (like afc)
See ya!

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i have the same one but damn is that blue light bright at night! I had to hide mine because it distracted me so much. I had the Type 0 on my celica and it was an amber screen that was way less distraction.

the 0-60 and 1/4 mile stuff is all wrong unless you have ZERO wheel spin. I can pull a low 12 on my because 1st and 2nd gear spin to almost redline on the street. I also had the APexi rev/speed meter to get rid of my speed cut and that thing used a G sensor so it would read a lot more accurate in these tests.
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