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hks tdo5 exhaust exhaust elbow gaskets and bolts?

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anyone know where i can source the gasket that goes between the turbo and the exhaust elbow? I'm guessing other dsm's use it as well, it's a circle gasket with 3 holes. i've been looking but cant find it.

The bolts that held the elbow in backed out and i'm not sure whether or not there was a gasket in there or not. :(

Any suggestions on what kind of bolts to use to keep the elbow in place?
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check on this page...

but if I recall correctly, 1fastsol is right my Greddy TD06 doesnt use one there, and its fine.
thanks guys, cause i've called a million places and cant source one. I went ahead and bolted it up using skinnier bolts and put a nut and lock washer on teh other side instead of using the threads on the exhaust housing. It's holding fine so far with no leaks.

edit: thanks killwitten, i think that is the exact gasket i need that is for the evo3 thanks again!!!!!
no prob, credit should be given to mister KBlake as he directed me there a few days ago for my own gasket.
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