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whats up guys i dont know if i posted this topic on the forum yet but im havin a real problem. I think my Tach might be off cuz im hitting which im almost positive is the rev limiter which i know is 7200. but its happening when the tach says like 5200. i havent yet checked the wire that goes to the coil from the tach. my ignition is in good shape. i have changed the distributor and the the ignition timing is in time as well as cap and rotor and have the ngk 6097 plugs two weeks ago and the trd wires have about 10000 miles on them. havent changed the ignitor or coil yet. i just changed the fuel filter on saturday which was pretty dirty and i filled up and put some of the chevron techtron injector cleaner in and the idle went up about 200rpms (idle was currently 600rpm it went up to about 750-800. here is the only possible things i can come up with tell me wut u guys think.

1. Bad coil or ignitor

2 wire to the tach from the coil is loose, but im not sure if that would make the computer think that the car is only at 5200 because im at 15psi of boost then but it doesnt feel like the car is really picking up like how it used to. but at 5200 where it hits the rev limiter it sounds like the engine is at a higher rpm but the speed doesnt seem to be as high as it normally would.

3. injectors could be possible not spraying properly because of the bad fuel filter i had. (hopefully the injector cleaner will help)

4. fuel pump is going (what will the ecu do if the fuel pump dies in terms of engine safety wise)

5. i have a t04e compressor housing a/r 50 50trim compressor fitted onto the ct26 exhaust side which has been machined to fit a stage 3 turbine. (i have always had this turbo and the actuator on the turbo is a single port actuator that has been "t'ed" from the compressor to the actuator to the what ever that valve is on the motor i think its the vsv valve or tvis, its not double port actuator like the stock ct26 actuator. and this early redline has never happened b4.

6. a coolant sensor on the thermastat housing looks kinda loose its like a green or blue color maybe that sensor could be busted

7. not sure about this reason but could a hole in the intercooler cause this. because if this is the case my berk tech is comming in this week.

everybodys imput would greatly be appriciated
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