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Hi guys!

Since i'm due for a coolant change ..Yes I've searched and was wondering what if any shortcuts you use to doing your coolant flush effiecently? I want to change out my coolant without a lot of trouble.... l(nsxtyperlb was trouble)

I read one from David Hawkins
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Posts: 7,732 I use the car to flush the system. Park it with the front facing downhill, open the petcock on the bottom of the radiator and run the engine while putting distilled water into the pressure cap. Let the water pump move the water through the system until you get clear water out of the petcock. Once you get this, stop filling, close the petcock and fill with good coolant (you should have enough distilled water left to give you a good mix). Burp per the BGB and drive.
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I've read pat's and the bgb already! I would like some pointers before i start it!
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