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Just joined this site and also a new(er) owner of a mr2 1985!!!

I just wanted to introduce myself here. I plan on restoring this beauty to what it was entented to be!!!

Right now I bought here with a blow head gasket and I tried to replace the headgastket myself and come to find out it was pretty bad so... I bought a new 4age (JDM) and put that in..myself!!! took about a month of afterwork coming home and wreching away but its done!!

Right now I am working on replacing the lowercontrol arm on the driverside and the steering rack.

So yah looking forward to talking to you guys and giving what I have learned so far to you if anyone needs it!!

aight going to go work on the mr2!!

-Johnathan :smile:

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Look around the board. There is tons of info on the MR2 here. Check out the FAQ. There is a search function also that you should use first before asking questions, but there are plenty of knowledgeable folks here to help you with anything you can't find using search.

One of my first big MR2 jobs I took on was replacing the headgasket on my '88 NA. Took awhile but I learned so much.
Another thing you should do is get the Haynes manual for your car. Very helpful with just about anything and well worth the $15.
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