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Problem:Alright, this doesnt happen all the time, and i've only had the car a little more than a week.

First off, it poured the other night, and i went to start the car in the morning and it just kept cranking but never starting. It was getting spark at the cap [no i didnt check the plugs]. It was also getting fuel.. so I couldnt figure it out. Someone from across the 'street' [i was camping] came over and told me to hold the accelerator down until it started.. essentially flooding it so much that it worked like a diesel.. rather than combustion, it was more of a compression start. Well, it started.. rather boggy, and it finally came to a nice idle once all the fuel was burned off.

The other night i went through the car wash, and it was fine until i got on the highway and it started to hesitate.. then it was fine.

Today i had been driving for about 20 minutes or so, regular driving, wasnt being hard on the engine or anything.. regular speeds [35-45], and i came to a stop and started going and it was hesitating in 2nd gear a little bit. It hasnt rained today or yesterday or anything.. engine was completely dry.

Any thoughts on what this might be? I also took off the cap and rotor the morning it wouldnt start at all.. and everything was dry, and the cap gasket was still good. It had little corrosion that i scraped off.

Thanks in advance :)

Solution: Coilpack/Ignitor was bad, and Coil wire was cracked at the coil. The grounding plate on the coilpack/ignitor was insanely rusted, so im assuming it also wasnt getting a good ground to the chassis. Replaced.. and it ran beautiful and i havent had a similar problem since [exactly a year and a half today actually...]

Keywords: Coil Ignitor Hesitation Hesitate Hesitating won't start bucking slamming bog
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