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So i am a second time MR2 owner, and I recently just bought one again (all the feels coming back) but i am having problems with a lean issue..

This is what i am working with. I defintely need a new ECU and tune but would like some advice on it? budget it 2,000

91 Toyota Mr2 turbo Runs great has about 180k miles on body about 10k on engine has a clean Texas title

Bored .40 over
Wiseco pistons
Arp head studs
Cosmetics head gasket
93+ jdm ecu
550 injectors
Port and Polished head
Kouki tail lights
Walfro fuel pump
Aem wide band
Greddy side mount intercooler
Tien suspension
Drilled and slotted rotors
Steel braided brake lines
Motora exhaust
3 inch down pipe
Might be forgetting more stuff

Rpms don't work
No ac everything is there
Rear abs sensor are cut
And it needs a tune

Extra parts
Stock oem rear bumper
Stock 14 inch wheels
Jdm engine and trans with clutch and flywheel(no turbo)
Garrett t3 ar 60 turbo
xspower manifold
Xspower downpipe
Xspower external wastegate
Greddy e01

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What exactly are you going to need out of the ECU? Are you looking for something that just gives you good solid programmable fuel and ignition control, and don't need much else, or are you looking for something that can offer traction control, rally style antilag, or what?
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