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Hi all,
I could do with the benefit of your advice
I own a 92 sw20 t-bar on a J. It is an n/a
2.0L 3sge. My head gasket blew so it went
To the garage. They said it had a crack in it
And would need replacing. Reconed head
Eventually arrived from ideal engines, don't
Get me started with that bunch of crooks.
Anyway needed more work so another £120 later
It was fitted. Garage called me to say there was
A problem. The replacement head didn't have
The casting for the hydraulic tensioner. He
Had rebuilt most of it before he found out.
He wants to fabricate a steel bracket for it
But I'm unhappy about that.

I suppose my question is is my head correct
And what is the replacement head please.

Also if the garage didn't notice it was wrong
Before he fitted it, is he liable for labour costs
If I was to get another head.


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