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during the last run at the track, i encountered a problem. the whole night had been fine. i had about four runs without any problems, and got ready to line up for the last run before we all left. as soon as i hit 7200rpm at the end of 3rd gear, i saw a TON of black smoke coming from the engine bay. there's so much that even while doing 50mph, i couldn't see out of the rear window because of the large cloud. aside from the smoking, the car won't start on it's own unless i give it gas, it idles really rough (when holding the gas pedal) sounds like a disney car to give you guys an idea.

*the smoke is POURING out of the breather atop of valve cover...sorry for the ______ pic, but it was taken with my camera.

any ideas?????? :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
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