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Hey all, just introducing our club to our worldwide associates as you have a international section in your forum & is a website I have been a member of for some time now and is a credit to Bill.
Indeed some of you may also know our site founder Quandry from his posts and threads on this site. We have also over the last few month had members join and say hello on our website from stateside, you are all warmly welcomed.

We are a relatively new club, established in August ?09, since then the club has grown continuously with members from over the Atlantic, the old US of A, to our neighbors across the Irish Sea in the U.K. Although we are miles apart we are close with our car of choice; the Toyota MR2 in all its guises, Mrk I, II & III. From 1.6 to 2.0 tubbies, even 3.5 V6?s and all in between are welcome. We currently have a membership of 189, not bad for a club only in existence for 8 months, located in a small island of Europe. isn't a formal 'club' (in a legal sense), rather we're a website of interested parties i.e. a community so we have all of the fun without any of the baggage... or that's the idea anyway

Here is a link to our site, drop in say hello, all are welcome
Some shots for a recent sunrise photo shoot.

I will update this site with any activity?s we have up and coming and reports of runs, dyno days etc as they come along, if that is acceptable to the admin team here.

Till then, happy and safe motoring to you all at from all of us at
Happy to be greeting you, looking forward to meeting you.
Ray. (Slipslide)
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