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I owned a 1st gen MR2 that had a lot of issues, and it was ultimately towed away to a place I do not know, and is presumably lost forever. I loved driving that car even with its plethora of issues, and had been keeping my eye out to buy another one day. Between starting a family and a life in the cold North East, I thought I would never get the privilege of owning an MR2 again. Well, I just this past weekend purchased an MR2 Spyder! My wife has an SUV that is dependable, and it can tow, and I needed a car to get to work each day, so the opportunity came to buy an MR2 (I previously always had the more dependable car, so I needed a back row for the kiddo). The MRS I found was in amazing shape, sold by a dealer by a fair price for the condition. Pictures related. I absolutely love driving this car, and I know why I missed it so. Between 50,000 and 51,000 miles on this 2001 beauty, I'm looking to do only light amounts of modding, maybe getting a hard top (need to do research on this forum about my ideas first). Hope you all enjoy!
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