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Hanover PA meet first Thursday of every month

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If your new and are skeptical send me a pm and I'll give you more information and a contact number in case you get lost.


The first Thursday of every month

Time: 7pm


Chili's Grill & Bar
Address: 370 Eisenhower Dr, Hanover, PA 17331
Phone: (717) 632-3151
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Holly heck there went your post count!!!
Tonights the night :thumbup
Still Chili's?
This is the week :thumbup
I'll be heading for Atlanta.
Hello again guys! I have a new/old mr2 (see the story in the general mr2 chat area) and would love to get back up with you guys!

Currently it doesnt run, but its all there, just been sitting for 12+ years! lol
This is the week :thumbup
I'm racing Friday...debating if I want to leave Thursday evening or veeeery early Friday.
Leave veeeery early on Friday of coarse :thumbup or you're going to have to wait for your thank you for helping me gift I got you.
This is the week :thumbup
Tonights the night! Be there or be square!
Wanted to make it tonight, but can't. BTW, ABS and cruise are fixed!
jowie68 said:
Wanted to make it tonight, but can't. BTW, ABS and cruise are fixed!
Hey, no hit and run posts with info like that and no explanation! What was the problem??
Last week I was driving the car and noticed the ABS light was no longer on. I wondered if the bulb just burnt out. So, I tried using the cruise control...and it worked. I have no idea what happened; if I am lucky, I will never know. If it comes back, I'm blaming you for the jinx.
Hey guys, the meet is on Thursday July 4th. Do you guys want to cancel the meet this month or do you want to meet? I'm fine either way.
Hey everyone, I'm going to cancel the meet tonight since it's a holiday.
141 - 160 of 169 Posts
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