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I have been asked on my message board by fellow MR2 racers how I make the decals on my car. It is actually quite easy, and it is fun.
There is no need for a plotter, many will make it sound like you have to have one to do complicated decals. But it is not.

You easily make multi-color decals by layering. My window topper / sunshade is yellow and blue. This was most difficult as it wrinkled a bit as I laid it out on the window. I used a heat gun as it was laid on the window. My 11 year old son helped, having an adult would have been better. But you can't tell from far away.

I have a large self healing cutting mat used for cutting so I don't leave marks on the counter, plus it helps save the exacto blade.
I use metal rulers for straight lines.
I also print the numbers onto Super B sized paper, (13x19). I get vinyl from resellers on ebay. I tape the image down and just lightly cut it out. Numbers I cut all the way through. But more detailed decals I just cut the vinyl and not the backing paper. Once I have removed the un-needed vinyl sections I use blue painters tape to remove the decal and place it on the car.
If you don't have a 13x19 printer, you can print multiple sheets using your laser or inkjet, put a 1/2" overlap on the print job and then just lay it out on your vinyl holding it down with tape.
I like these blades.
I like cutting mats from Alvin.

You can also get proper transfer tape from eBay sellers as well. I keep looking at them, but just used 3" wide blue painters tape.

I hope this helps.

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