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Ok guys i just wanted to know if any of you guys had a similar setup to the one i'm about to post because i would like to know what kind of numbers it would provide...

Gen III motor
Hks Cams 272/272 or 264/264
ATS Cam Gears
Nemises EMS
ATS TD06 @ 17psi
N1 exhaust

Everything else would be stock... I'm thinking that with this setup i would be doing about 300-350whp. What do you guys think?

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Would the 50trim T4 turbo kit you made make more power than the TD06?
I wouldn't mind having 335rwhp @17psi...

really my goal would bet to reach 325-350rwhp at @15-18psi.. since my car is a daily driver well will be as soon as a get the gen III.

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Yes, the 50trim will make more power than a TD06. As stated in my post, the only draw back will be lag. I got 200ft.lbs. of TQ at 4400rpm's on a stock motor and untuned. I really think with some good supporting mods and some tuning, getting it under 4,000rpms is not out of the question. As we have seen, the best TD06 plot was [email protected](I think) and dropping to 25psi by redline. The best 50trim plot we've seen got [email protected] Its safe to say that the TD06 is a great turbo for what it does, but the 50trim definitely has more potential. Your question is not which one makes more power, but more specifically, which one will get you your goal at lower boost, am I right? Ive seen some very different dyno's for TD06's and they can range greatly. Ive seen some produce [email protected] and others have gotten over [email protected] The dyno charts for TD06 seem to vary greatly depending on each car, supporting mods, and tuning so its really hard to say what the TD06 will do on your car. All I know is I couldnt be happier about getting such high numbers on such low boost and on 91octane pump gas to boot;-)
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