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Hey guys, my first gen 5 swap for SW20 and running into a few issues.

-I either get 14v while the car is running but the motor shuts off 30 seconds after start up, or constant 12v but the car runs fine. I dont change anything, I believe the car has a mind of its own, it is a new alternator and battery. I do not have the original grounds because they were removed when my GEN2 was removed. I have 2 grounds on the trans, 1 on the engine, and 1 on the valve cover to strut tower.

-I was having Coolant leaking from the intake manifold so i plugged all coolant lines leading to the manifold, wasn't sure if that would be an issue and I live in an area that doesn't freeze.

-I am also getting a Coolant temp reading of 235F from the OBD2 sensor, from my understanding that is too hot for these motors. I have a new water pump, coolant temp sensor and thermostat installed.

Any help would be great, Im fairly new to these motors. Thanks guys.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts