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Guys Im kinda new to this but here goes

I have done a Gen III swap. The car ran great for the 7 months after the swap then I decided to change the Clutch to the Spec stage III.
After the clutch change and break in period I started experiencing hesitation.
The car would boost fine but it would not hit like it did before.
The strange thing is after checking for cels, and vacum leaks, replacing plugs 6097 .028, wires, rotor cap, I decided to disconnect the black lead from the battery for a few seconds and then reconnect it.
The car responded great like the way it did seven months ago and even better. After a half hour driving the car it went back to being sluggish and hesitating.
Im not sure what it could be. Im thinking its probably the fuel filter because i have not changed this yet and i do smell gas, also when the car is being sluggish it boost fine but youre not feeling it hitting.
The car does chatter and shakes when sliding the clutch. Maybe all the chatter is causing some wires to become loose.
Do you think it could be a ground wire. Any advice will be greatly appreciated
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