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This thread serves two functions: (1) Come up with, or choose, a duck tail trunk lid design; and (2) Gauge how much interest there is (measured by full payments ) for a duck tail trunk lid.

Please provide the following information via email ([email protected]) so we can get a list of potential buyers going:

Full name
MR2 OC Board Name
Email Address
Phone Number
Version interest (i.e., Version 1 only, Version 2 only, Both Versions)

In order to ensure that the potential buyers list is an accurate reflection of true demand, please send me your information only if you are seriously interested and intend on purchasing it. If we decide to go into production with the duck tail trunk lid, when we get closer to the completion of the mold, I will start taking FULL PAYMENTS.

Below are the two designs I am considering thus far. Please use your imagination to make up for the lack of my photoshop skills. Also, if you have another design or think you can improve on existing designs, feel free to post. If you are good with photoshop or some other program (e.g., 3D modeling), even better.

Current preliminary list

(1) DavidV
(2) 91blackmr2n/a
(3) MaiMR2
(4) Slidealliance
(5) thirteenfold
(6) importfan
(7) Mrdeuce
(8) Mrdeuce
(9) Mrdeuce
(10) t67 mr2
(11) thirteenfold
(12) thirteenfold
(13) tas02
(14) Legends702
(15) Bret
--------- Full payment will be accepted
--------- Project starts

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Version 2

This would be a three-piece design: duck tail trunk lid and two side pieces. In the pictures below, the two side pieces are molded into the body. Since there are multiple pieces to this design, this version is going to be more expensive to make than version 1 above. In addition, since molding the side pieces will require body work, this version will also be more expensive to install.

Estimated price: ~$650+



Lotus Elise Tail Trunk Lid/LotusElise2.jpg Tail Trunk Lid/LotusElise3.jpg

Aston Martin Vantage Tail Trunk Lid/AstonMartinVantage2.jpg Tail Trunk Lid/AstonMartinVantage3.jpg Tail Trunk Lid/AstonMartinVantage4.jpg Tail Trunk Lid/AstonMartinVantage5.jpg

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baktasht said:
any chance you could get one made to fit the widebody as well?
If someone is willing to make the prototype and there is enough demand I will make almost anything you want (e.g., barring unsafe items or ones I am not capable of making) including a duck tail trunk lid for a widebody MR2.

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