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If you haven't heard of the Gambler 500, stop right now and check out: gambler500 (dot) com
I just bought myself a $500 1986 MR2, that runs and drives. Rough, a reconstructed title, but the engine runs smooth, shifts smooth, and drives straight. Needs an alternator, engine compartment fan, and a headlight. Also have to get a new title and registration. Needs a few minor issues sorted, like a bogging down in low RPM under power, but not bad for $500. Hopefully the new set of plug wires (old ones are BAD) and plugs help sort out that one issue.

Plans for her:
Make custom strut spacers for a 1-2" lift to clear larger tires, also it will probably require trimming the fenders, and adding fender flares of some kind and throwing on a set of wheel spacers (to clear the tires) I have laying in the garage.
I can't find ANY other lifted AW11's on the interwebs, so this will be a fun project. Not my 1st MR2, sold my '91 a couple years ago.

Stay tuned for more!

Maybe I'll be able to post pix and links later since this forum has a weird rule about posting any photos or links without some arbitrary number of posts...

For further reading and amusement, check out
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