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I recently had an engine swap for a 93 turbo jdm because initially, I ran into problems where my car started but didn't hold compression? or something and died as soon as it fired up. I took it to a shop and had them replace my fuel pump for a Walbro 255, still not running. They compression tested and I was getting low compression in all cylinders so they recommended I swap engines.

Found a 91 turbo jdm motor, swapped it in, previous ecu had a leaky capacitor or something so had to swap that for another one, did a full timing belt and water pump change, new seals all around, new distrubutor cap/rotor, and I still have the exact same problem. I did change the jdm igniter a while back for a usdm model, but I heard those should still work. I've sunk so much money into this car and starting to lose hope, but I'm not sure what else I should do next.

Any input/help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Engines need 4 things to run.

  1. Air
  2. Fuel
  3. Spark
  4. Compression

Go through each one and determine what one you don't have. Then fix it.

  1. Air, the AFM needs to move to register air is going into the engine. Normally air is not the problem.
  2. Fuel, check your pump runs when cranking or jumper FP and +B on the diagnostics port to make it run full time when the key is in the ON position. But... if the wiring here isn't right this test might not work.
  3. Spark. Take out a spark plug from the head. Plug in the spark plug lead and rest the threaded part of the spark plug on the head/valve cover. If it is painted this won't work. Then crank the engine and look for spark in the gap.
  4. Compression. If the timing belt isn't set right you won't get compression. If there is damage to a piston or bent/burnt valves then you won't get compression.
Once these checks have been done determine what one didn't give a positive result and look at why.
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