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Actually, that was my fault.
Thank you for apologizing boosted2 no offense taken from you sir, however it falls upon m5james user member because he’s the one that hijacked my thread by posting his own irrelevant content that had absolutely nothing to do with my FS item, then yet he clearly admitted that he commented complained on the price on my thread because he simply just wanted to retaliate against me because he saw that I commented on another members FS thread pointing out the price of new oem brake cables that’s clearly way over the dealer retail price.
The price that I was asking for my particular steering wheel in its condition is fair market value when you compare it to similar ones on ebay, fb, and even here on this forum.
When you try to compare the price on used brake cables while they’re still available new from dealer and twosrus for less it just doesn’t add up but hopefully m5james figures it out and gets knowledgeable on this subject.
I appreciate you trying to look out for fellow members m5james however this steering wheel just isn’t exactly what you assumed sir, you have a nice day
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