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I recently bought a full Tom's kit from a web retailer (NOT EBay) the kit was apparently made by importtrenz as they were the return address. I ordered it after I was unable to find an OEM front for my project, however I now have a OEM front lined-up so I am selling the kit. According to the shop that was doing the install, the fitment is not perfect (it is a replica) but it is not too bad either. It is not wavy and full of imperfections/holes/etc; in fact when I brought them in they thought they were OEM on their first inspection. Import trenz lists each part @ $250 I am asking:

$200 For the front
$200 For the sides, and the splitter/fin thingies
$200 For the rear

All prices are negotiable and + Shipping. I need to move them quick, as I have no place to store them and my bed room is getting crowded. I'll get some pics up tomorrow of the front and the sides/rear soon after (they are still at the shop, due to a lack of interior room my car only moves 1 part at a time)

Shoot me offers,

[email protected]
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