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1991 MR2 Turbo
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1991 Turbo Sunroof
Location: CenCal
Clean title
139k miles (daily it so it'll go up a bit)
Current asking price: $13.6K, open to negotiation or trades for t-top turbo
Contact: DM, email [email protected] (preferred)

Hey guys. This is an original 91 Turbo sunroof. I have done a lot of work to the car myself and have the records from the previous owner. The car drives beautifully. I use it primarily as a daily and meet/show car, but I do occasionally take it up the hill a bit for some spirited drives, nothing too hard on the car of course. As for the mods/replacements:
  • Newer e153 (unknown miles but in spectacular condition) with a new 12lbs flywheel, oem Exedy clutch, ARP flywheel bolts, and new rear main seal
  • Spherical bearing shifter cables
  • 93+ shifter
  • 93+ rear subframe (replaced because original subframe had passenger LCA capture nut broken)
  • Hux Racing tubular rear tie rods to match new subframe
  • New starter
  • New belts/pulleys/seals, complete timing belt job
  • New Denso A/C condenser (also have r134 compressor that will come with the car)
  • Federal SS595 all four corners + alignment (-2.5f, -2r)
All maintainence listed above only has about 4k miles currently (done at ~135k) and was done by a local MR2 specialist recommended by the local MR2 club
  • Engine:
    • Dyno at ~190 whp w/ ambient temp 106 f at 9-10 psi (dyno guy wasn't super experienced and it was hot)
    • K&N intake
    • Berk downpipe + original Berk exhaust (has cat welded in midpipe from previous owner)
    • BC 264 cams w/ cam gears (done with timing belt, and have been timed approx. +3 intake -6 exhaust)
    • New spark plugs
    • Twosrus FCD (with dp/ic probably running about 12 psi on a good day)
    • ATS side mount intercooler (still have oem)
    • While I've had it I've only run it on VR1 20w50, just did an oil change right at 139k
  • Body
    • Aeroware front lip
    • Border side skirts and roof spoiler (also have rear valence but not on car)
    • Bomex whale tail spoiler
    • ABFlug fender flares (rivets covered)
    • XXR 968 18x9f 18x10.5r w/ SS595 215f/275r
    • Megan Racing Street coilovers
    • Wilhelm rain guard delete (still have oem rainguard)
    • Rear ceramic tint
    • Aerocatch hood pins (hood latch seized and wouldn't open no matter what I did, so at least I installed them pretty cleanly)
  • Interior
    • Momo Mod. 69 w/ NRG 2.0 quick release and hub (still have oem + clock spring)
    • Wilhelm steering wheel block-off plate
    • Weighted oem style shift knob
    • New reproduction shift boot and shift boot surround
    • Boss double DIN head unit w/ CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Extras that can be included if buyer wants
    • I have the oem intercooler/BOV, cams/gears, cruise control, steering wheel, rain guard, and trim that goes above the side vents (not sure why the trim wasn't already on the car). I also have an extra set of new front rotors and pads
    • In addition, I have a 94+ r134 compressor. The car has been converted to r134 and holds pressure but it's using an r12 compressor
  • Cons:
    • The only major problem I'm still trying to figure out is the A/C. I've replaced most of the parts (new hard lines, new condenser, new fuses/relays) and am still unable to get the A/C to work. I've narrowed it down to something between the actual button and the A/C clutch relay (also new). I'm pretty sure it's the dual pressure switch, as that's pretty much the only thing I haven't replaced. I'm including the 94+ compressor just in case that's the problem. I haven't worked on it recently because it's been starting to cool down
    • The paint isn't particularly nice, but it isn't too bad either. It was pretty bad when I got it, but a couple of rounds of polish and wax got it much better. Unfortunately the paint itself wasn't applied very well so it's not perfect, but I do my best to keep it looking good. I wash it at least once a week (properly with foam and everything) and I also use a short-lasting ceramic sealer on it. Some swirl marks are unavoidable but it only has very light ones.
    • I do not believe it is currently smog legal, but I have a guy that I can go through if someone buys it. All it should need to pass is a catted downpipe since it already has one in the midpipe
Will not include bucket seat in photos, have already swapped back to stock seat
Most of the stickers have been removed at this time, can completely de-sticker for new owner
  • Photos (will upload more in second post and as requested)
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1991 MR2 Turbo
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Unfortunately most of my photos are edited, since they're mostly ones I post on my Instagram. I also have some history of the car on my IG @mrf.mr2
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