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FS: Ko Racing Turbo kit

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Included: Turbo, KO racing T3 Flange,Ko downpipe w/ rerouted waste gate. Tial 38mm Wastegate, coolant lines, Oil line/return line, SS autochrome (ebay) manifold or just run your stock manifold same price.

$sold shipped to lower 48
[email protected]
call or text 757-642-8546

- Ko Racing Built Turbo Kit - T3-04E (ITS/Comp Turbyo 57 Trim Triple Ball Bearing .48 A/R which spooled pretty quick on my stock motor. Comp still supports ITS turbos, they supplied the housing for me when Kris built my kit. aprox. 16k on the turbo/ kit. I ran between 14-18psi and no leaking oil or smoking.

The video:stated above is whats included when I made video only selling just the turbo.

Watch "20131013_3841.mp4" on YouTube
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Good price wish I didn't have a t3t4 or I'd pick up.
Vid doesn't work btw
Was this kit off a gen2 or gen3?
It's off a Gen 2.
There are 2 pics and a video posted.
Video doesn't seem to be working.. Also, could you post more pics of the entire kit?
new photos

Here are some new photos of the kit. I will get more with the oil return line. Later
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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