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did a motor swap, so i have some 5s parts and miscellaneous stuff

some parts are from a clip (93 jdm) so they are untested by me. Ask for info as i'm not responsible for non-working parts that i have not tested! They are cheap for a reason!

ALL PRICES include SHIPPING. Sales are final.


Black Ops II PC game unopened - $20
Gen 3 540cc injectors - 100
HKS intake for AFM cars with adapter - $50
CD storage box good condition - $55
cruise control rotating pulleys - cable from pulley to tb = $60
AC compressor - $60

91 mr2 turbo steering wheel WITH airbag - $60
Trunk spring up part - $35
black rear bumper needing some paint or touch up $140
black rear trunk lid w/"gt-s" emblem - $260 w/out emblem $175
CT, stainless worm drive clamps 2.25-2.75" - $7 each
^each 1 you buy becomes cheaper, email for pricing (saves me shipping).
oem intercooler, shroud and fan - $80
^with piping and couplers - $95
stock hotpipe w/bracket - $25
stock cold pipe - $20
CT26 oem dp (cat) - $90
5s ecu- $40
5s afm and airbox together- $65
ct26 actuator- $20
91 shift knob w/slight wear - $12
91 shift lever - $15
universal ractive knob (almost new *mint condition*)- $15
93 style black, silver letters, rear "mr2" grille- $20
small speakers in pillars behind seat- $20 pair/ $12 each
black seatbelts- $30 each
91 tails w/out bumped out ends (lens closest to doors)- $30 each
93 turbo body harness - $40
mr2 turbo white indiglo gauge faces - $20
91 na stock front brake setup (rotors, calipers, brackets)- $80
91 na brake lines (same as turbo?)- $30
00 celica stock suspension (springs and struts with 80k on them) - $65

there is a few more plastic things, but all are from behind seats (from a clip).

prices maybe slightly negotiable, reasonable offers only! sales are FINAL!

hks EVC 4- SOLD
Power FC datalogit - SOLD
93 JDM ECU (free 8-10 whp for 93 cars!) - SOLD
EMS powered smoked turns - sold
2's r us boost controller - sold
cable from cruise to tb sold
5s powertrain valve cover to axles - sold
91 5s throttle position sensor - sold
92 turbo body harness- sold
91 n/a shift cables - sold
plastic doors behind seats- sold both
93 electronic type speed sender to gauge cluster - sold
electronic style jdm guage cluster (in kph)- sold

paypal is [email protected] and my email is the same

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Not for sure what harness it is. It's in good condition, but it didn't work for me because I have a late 92/ early 93 wiring setup. I was told it was a 93 when I bought it. For $40, it's probably worth the gamble. LOL

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This is the entire thing INCLUDING the proper tubing and such for the wastegate. It was working on my car properly and held boost great. If you want other pictures, I can get them anytime. I respond faster to pm's.

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