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I've got a SC14 in good condition for sale from a USDM 2.4-liter 2TZ-FZE engine. It has it's original SC14 clutch pulley attached which is only 115mm (10mm smaller than the USDM SC12 pulley!).

Price: $300 plus shipping
Location: Central California (Fresno, CA)

I do not know how many miles are on this one but I've cleaned it and verified it to be in perfectly good working condition. I would run this on my MR2 without hesitation. There is normal rotor wear and all parts spin freely. I drained the oil and removed the rear cover for inspection and the gears look perfectly healthy. Please note there is no oil (it has to be drained for shipping). It takes 4 oz and I use this Ford synthetic SC oil in mine:

This SC14 is nearly identical to the JDM 2.0-liter 1G-GZE SC14 except that the lower mount is offset further away from the engine (when traditionally mounted to a 4A-GZE). This isn't a problem as you just make a bracket that attaches between the SC14 and factory SC12 lower bracket. Done. The input shaft between USDM and JDM SC14s are identical as are the pulley mounts.

I'm currently running this style USDM SC14 on my USDM 4A-GZE and with a stock 145mm crank pulley and 109mm SC pulley I am boosting 14.6-14.7 PSI with stock intercooler and WebCam 244/8.2mm intake @ +1 degrees and HKS 264/8.35mm exhaust @ +2.5 degrees. Ignition timing and AFR curves tuned with a Greddy e-Manage Blue, I dynoed 200 HP at the wheels (even with my water/alcohol injection not working): (<-- I edited this so it won't auto-embed the video) So that is about 235 at the crank. I've done a bit more work since and expect to be closer to 225 wheel HP / slightly over 250 crank. I have additional plans to move up to the 16-17 psi range and will re-dyno before and after. My goal is to surpass 250 HP at the wheels and I have no doubt the SC14 will get me there.

The SC14 displaces 16.7% more than the SC12. The difference in bottom end torque of the SC14 is h-u-g-e compared to the SC12. Throttle response is greatly improved and at any RPM peak boost comes in much faster.

We do a lot of FedEx shipping where I work and get good shipping rates. We have plenty of packaging materials and this will be straight-forward to ship. Please reply with your ZIP code for a shipping est. I will only charge exactly what it costs me to ship.

Please let me know if you're interested or have any questions, thank you!


Click each pic for a full-size view

Profile view from exhaust side

Front, top

Rear, top

Inlet side

Outlet side




Profile view from intake side
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