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FS: Deno's Original MK1.5

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Board Name: Deno
Location: Williamsburg, VA, USA
Means of Contact: [email protected]
Description: 1988 Toyota MR2 MK1.5
Price: $14,000

I have owned this car for 20 years and it’s been garaged the whole time. It’s time to let it go to someone that will enjoy it. It was the first Toyota MR2 mk1.5 ever built (see link). It was featured in Sport Compact Car magazine. It won the season finals two years in a row at Langley Wacky Wednesdays (street car night), beating any car you can think of. It has chased down and passed Zo6's and Porsche's on track days.

Tons of mods… I’ll just highlight
MK1 SC Chassis
1st Gen 3SGTE 341 WHP
Standalone EMS (Hydra)
Tuned by NoShoes
Cams HKS 264 - 272
Custom Intake with 3 inch plenum
BBK throttle body
Spearco Intercooler
Adjustable Rising Rate Fuel Pressure Regulator
Rebuilt tranny with Kaaz LSD
Ground Control - Koni, and prothane bushings all round
6 point Hux Racing Roll Bar
Over sized brakes, Willwood fronts/93 Turbo rears
Kodiak 3 Piece Racing Wheels

Pictures here:

Video Driving
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Still for sale... Turned down a couple of people... non- mr2 people that want to turn it into a track mule. Then I let it slide for a while and drove it around again once or twice... but I guess I better do something as it's just taking up space.
I hope this piece of MR2 history went to a die-hard fan!
The guy that brought it is a good guy and has had some great cars over the years. It will be well looked after.
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