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FS: Corolla GTS 4AGZE

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1985 Toyota Corolla GTS “AE86” Coupe, VIN JT2AE88S8F0154239 clean title
$ 7,000
I live in Walnut, CA, which is between Ontario and Los Angeles

Car will be driving at Auto Club Speedway (infield) in Fontana this Saturday 7/9/16. Feel free to stop by and look. You will probably have to pay to get in. No ride alongs on track.

Craigslist post with pictures:

The Good:
4AGZE swap, 14psi pulley, lots of torque, low mileage on professional rebuild
W58 Celica Supra transmission (just rebuilt) with Knight Pars bellhousing adaptor
Supra rear end, new Weir 7.5” 4.56 ratio
Nitrous system (25-75 hp shot)
T3 coilovers, NCRAs, control arms, Cusco camber plates
Very reliable and well maintained
Lots of other mods, see below for details. I have most paperwork and receipts.

The Bad:
Track only car. Registered as Planned Non-Op (there are NO back fees). You will need to smog on your own.

The Ugly:
No interior or AC. Loud. Spray painted urban camouflage. Body damage but straight frame.

All of the Mods:
(price and date follow many mods, date indicates I have a receipts)

Rebuilt USDM MR2 4AGZE w/ all new Toyota parts $855 11/05 @ 234542 miles on odometer
Current mileage: 249072. Odometer no longer works after w58 swap in 4/07. Registered with DMV as Planned Non-Op shortly thereafter. So it has 14530 miles on engine, plus a number of track days.
Wire harness, ecu and all necessary parts swapped/modified from MR2
ARP hardware (have paperwork only for Head and main, not sure if rod kit was available)
K&N Air Intake Kit (with EO number for smog) $135 7/05
NST 14lb 180mm 4AGZE pulley kit $?? Date?
Replacement NST idler pulley $68 12/08
Fujitsubu Exhaust, cat back (no date, bought new)
TRD headers $327 2/04
PaceSetter exhaust flex joint (this replaces the cat) 10/07
New Toyota circuit open relay $63 2/07
Toyota TPS $126 6/05
NGK Iridium plugs $30 4/06
Intercooler piping hose and clamps $137 4/06
Toyota GZE reman alternator $238 12/05
Toyota GZE external voltage regulator $143 12/05
Starter $73 8/05
Adjustable Cam gear
Cusco engine mounts $? 1/04
Studded and modified right motor mount and S/C mount to be more durable than stock

BMM Supercooler oil cooler $90 7/06
Perma-Cool oil filter sandwich adapter $38 7/09
Spal 16” high perf fan $260 12/05
Be Cool radiator 20”x17” dual $413 10/05
New Toyota water pump $80 7/09
3rd gen Supra intercooler with water sprayers (boost activated)
Original MR2 intercooler modified to fit in front (for smog)
Carbon fiber drop vent hood

Lots of gauges:
Oil temp $42 8/03
Air fuel ratio $62 11/03
Fuel Pressure $180 11/03
Exhaust Gas Temp $135 11/03
Water temp $41 3/03
Oil Pressure (not wired due to interference with alternator) $45 11/03
Shift Light/kit, may not work $100 3/03

Nitrous Oxide set-up:
Wet Fogger kit 25-75 hp
Ability to activate automatically or with push button (in the automatic window)
“Premium Fuel” off relay wired to ecu (so when system activates, timing is automatically retarded)
NOS WOT and RPM window switch (allows activation at WOT and in set RPM range) $227 9/06
NOS 50 psi fuel pressure safety switch $36 7/06
Will not come with jets or bottle

Transmission/clutch/drive shaft:
2nd gen Celica/Supra W58 Trans bought j/y $60 4/07, rebuilt 4/14
Knight Parts (from New Zealand) W58 to 4AG bell housing $350 3/07
New aftermarket brass syncro kit $37 4/14
Rebuilt/modified shift fork housing 5/14
Shortened shifter (not short shifter) with seals/bushing $18 5/14
New Toyota extension housing drive shaft bushing $30 6/14
New Toyota input and extension housing seals $14 6/14
Lengthened W58 clutch release bearing shaft 20mm to avoid overextension problems with bellhousing 6/14
Spare used w58 $120 5/14
2nd gen celica/supra drive shaft, front half only, j/y $24 4/07, rebuilt 4/14 and 8/15
New Timken center support bearing (for drive shaft) $140 5/14
New Autozone/Duralast u-joint kit for drive shaft $20 8/2015
Clutch Masters 6 puck disc F-029809 (may be for Supra) and performance pressure plate F-029863 for AW11 GZE. Flywheel from AW11 GZE. 4/07
ARP Flywheel bolts 10/05

Rear End:
1st gen Supra (79-81) rear axle housing and axles
Welded 2nd gen Supra differential
New 4.56 7.5” Weir ring and pinion $238 4/14
New Weir solid pinion spacer $55 4/14
New Toyota side and pinion bearings, and seal $180 4/14
Modified axle housing for -1 degree camber each side (have alignment sheet to prove)
Toyota axle (wheel) bearing and seals $118 2/04
New Timken axle bearing (the other side) $82 4/05

Front: T3 kit 7kg/mm Eibach springs, 4 way KYB AGX Short Stroke Shocks $795
Rear: T3 coilover conversion kit: 5 (or 5.5?) kg/mm Eibach springs, 8 way KYB AGX Short Stroke Shocks $650
Cusco camber plates
T3 NCRCAs $140
T3 adjustable lateral rod (for Supra rear) $145
T3 rear links (modified for supra rear end) $380
Front Cusco w/ T3 Tri Strut Bar
Rear Strut bar

Wheels, Brakes, Steering:
Manual steering rack from 1981 Corolla (MAX STEERING ANGLE), Rebuilt $ 125 7/16
New Toyota front wheel bearings (inner x2, outer x2) and grease seals $190 6/11
Hawk HP+ front and rear pads $178 9/9/09
AutoZone tie rod, lifetime warranty $25 1/06
Toyota clutch master and slave cyl, $138 3/06
Front and rear slotted rotors 7/05
SS braided brake and clutch lines, K2 $154 4/03
1” wheel spacers

Optima Red Top, relocated to “back seat”, battery box and hold down
Longacre battery switch $33 5/04
5 point harness, G-Force $150 2/05
4 point harness $150, 2/05
Momo seat $307 1/05
Momo seat $377 10/03
Solex locks $40 1/03
1.9” OD 6pt+ roll cage with side bars
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