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53607-SW201 (PTR04-17900-02) BRACE, FT STRUT MR2, QTY = 1
53605-SW201 (PTR04-17900-01) BRACE, RR STRUT MR2, QTY = 1

The foam wrap was removed from the front bar to inspect condition/finish only. It has not been mounted to a vehicle, ever.

Pictured are two (2) sets, only one is for sale. June 2008 purchase date - see the 2007.09.03 stamp on one of the boxes!

Condition: Brand New In Box.
Price: $2,000.00 USD shipped. Consider shipping costs these days.
Payment Method: PayPal plus fees. Cash or cashier's check. Discount for payment via cash/cash equivalent or Bitcoin – will be on case-by-case basis.

Not sure when the last time a full set has been available, but to the best of my knowledge it has been quite some time.

Using this listing as a comparable. I confirmed with Keith Tau on October 6, 2022 via eBay Messaging that he sold the front bars at $899 + shipping from Hong Kong.
Brand New JDM 91-99 SW20 MR2 Turbo Genuine TRD Front Tower Strut Bar Brace ~RARE | eBay

Wood Art Font Auto part Metal

Packing materials Font Packaging and labeling Rectangle Label