1991 Toyota MR2 NA 5 speed.
96,000 miles on original motor.
Manual windows/locks
My baby has been in my garage for the last 17 years(since my first kid was born). I was originally planning on sinking money into it once the kids were out of the house, but decided that as i got older my desire to do so waned so im now selling it. I just replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter. And changed the oil/ oil filter and the air filter. The car runs great. The car is mostly stock except for the TRD short throw shifter/knob and the rims. I also have the TRD sway bars that ive never installed to give to the buyer.

After doing a more thorough review of the websites mentioned and talking with people with more experience buying/selling cars it is abundandly clear ive WAY overpriced this. Ill have this post removed and re post(with a far more appropriate price)once ive done a few more things to the vehicle.