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Please let me know if I need to edit my listing to comply with the rules :) -- I read through it and everything seems okay.

I have a 1995 Toyota MR2 G-Limited Revision 3 Kouki with a rare hardtop in the highly desirable steel mist grey color (187). Original and never modified with only 66,800 miles. These have the much improved revision 3 3SGE engine (Japan / Euro models only) and offer an exhilarating driving experience due to its near perfect weight distribution. At about 250lbs lighter than their T-top turbo counterpart, the Rev 3 MR2 3SGE’s are very quick, extremely agile, and outpaces it's USDM counterpart in almost every aspect.

The N/A 1994-1996 MR2 Rev 3 is for the true MR2 purist!

Make/Model: Toyota MR2
Color: Steel Mist Grey (187)
Transmission: 5 Speed; RWD
Engine/Power: Rev 3 3SGE; 173 HP
Curb Weight: ~2,500 lbs.
Mileage: ~66k miles

Restored round kouki taillights
Restored front lights
New tires 205/55/15
New battery
Color matched moldings and exterior accents
Rare MR2 OE mud flaps
90’s retro Momo steering wheel
5 speed

$13,250 (Financing and Nationwide Shipping Is Available)
Lion JDM Imports
Located in South Florida


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thank you, Alex. On the subject line? It’s on the body of the paragraph towards the bottom.
No, you're good, I'm just blind. Looked over the ad several times and didn't see it.
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