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FS: 1993 V6 - Mods/146K miles

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The Basics:

- 1993 N/A chassis. Salvage title. 146,000+ miles.
- Steel Mist Grey repaint with black roof & spoiler delete.
- California smog legal 1MZFE 3.0L V6 swap.

- year 2000 Camry 1mZFE V6, had 37,000 miles on it at time of swap (now has about 67,000 miles on it)
- E53/E153 hybrid transmission.. 3.6 final drive with an MR2 limited slip differential.
- Oil changes done every 3,000 miles with Mobil 1 5w30.
- Engine has had timing belt/oil seals/spark plugs/valve cover gaskets/etc. changed
- Hella H4 housings with HIDs.
- New fog lights with HIDs.
- OEM clear corners.
- OEM 1994+ tail lights with lock cylinder re-keyed to match ignition/door locks.
- Greddy front lip (polyurethane).
- upgrades stereo system with subwoofer
- OEM/JDM power-folding mirrors, modified for LHD use.
- MR2 turbo cloth driver seats, LHD and RHD (both seats have full lumbar/bolster adjustmetn)
- OEM center storage box.
- TRD lowering springs
- TRD front/rear strut tower bars
- TRD front sway bar
- Cusco adjustable front trac/caster rods
- Koni Yellow 5-way struts.
- Injen CARB-legal intake.
- New (less than 2,000 miles) 3SGTE fuel pump.
- 15x7 Enkei retro wheels with 205/50/15 Falken Azenis RT615 tires (60% tread)
- 20mm spacers for rear wheels (to correct for unstaggered rims)
- HKS Sport exhaust.
- T-top seals replaced last Winter with new OEM seals ($350+)
- Air Conditioning works. Blows 42*F during Sacramento Summers (when its' 115*F out).

Blahblahblah, long list. I drive this car every day. I take it on trips to SoCal 2-3 times per year... It just goes. Gets about 20mpg city, 30mpg highway. I wouldn't hesitate to drive it cross country on an hour's notice. It seriously needs nothing. It drives, it stops, it goes, it sounds kinda cool.

Asking $11,000.

Specific photos available upon request.

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Can I buy your TRD rear strut bar? ;) lol GLWS. Sad to see you go
Wow, you're selling it... I remember watching it go around the track at the pacnw meet.
Eh, I'll probably wind up keeping it. I kind of doubt anyone wants to pay what I'm asking. Life with modified cars, I guess. I'm not letting it go for pennies... If anyone wants a turn-key, smog-legal V6 swap, this is pretty much the only game in town.

Also, added a pic of the California BAR label (means this car is 100% smoggable, anywhere in CA or the United States)
Nice car! It looks like a great one that is done right. That can't be said for too many of these anymore. Sad to see another long standing member leaving the scene. I love these cars and hate to see the hard work go to someone who doesn't appreciate it. Best of luck to you!
Thank you. I hope to find it a loving home. I suspect nobody really wants to spend this much on an MR2, despite how hard it is to find one that isn't hacked to death..... I'm scared. I shouldn't keep it, but I will, fi I have to :\
I posted my mr2 for sale not too long ago for around $6500. Granted it's not as nice as yours but it's decent. I only got a few bites but nothing serious. Jusy FYI. I said screw it and took it off for sale. I would have regretted selling it anyways. Looking around at newer cars and renting a few I was thinking about buying. They're all numb feeling and boring.
Hate to break it to you but if you would started with a clean title you woulda been way better off on the resale. Not trying to be an ass but its gonna be near impossible getting 11k
Thank you. I hope to find it a loving home. I suspect nobody really wants to spend this much on an MR2, despite how hard it is to find one that isn't hacked to death..... I'm scared. I shouldn't keep it, but I will, fi I have to :\
You will! I would advertise elsewhere besides the board, if I were you. There are plenty of people who love these cars who are not members of the forum. They are willing to pay more money to find a clean one. Most of the board members these days aren't willing to pay up for a nice one. I think your car is worth every penny of what you are asking. You just need the one guy with the money who agrees!
whatever the reason for the salvage title is, remember from a book value stand point and the insurance companies, it takes NOTHING to total out these cars now.... so yes its buyer beware, but also it may not be anything at all...
Your car is a steal at that price, someone will be lucky to buy it.
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