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FS: 1991 MR2 V6 NASA Track Car $1800. Located in Lancaster, CA

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Board Name: N/A Racer
Location: Lancaster, CA
Means of Contact: [email protected]
Description: 1991 MR2 V6 track car
Price: $1800 obo

1991 MR2 w/ 3VZFE V6. Was used for Time Trials with NASA in the TTD class. $4500 obo. Located in Lancaster, CA. Contact me via [email protected].

Comes with straight pipe exhaust and magnaflow muffler exhaust. V band style flange.
Setrab oil cooler
ACT full disc clutch
S54 trans
Comes with additional S54 trans from a Camry, I believe. From what I recall it had a taller final gear. This trans is apart and ready to swap into anther S54.

8610 shocks
Ebach springs (spring rates are set to run without front sway bar)
Font camber plates
ST sway bars and stock sway bars
Porterfield R4S pads

Aluminum ultrashield seat
G-force 6 point harness. Will need a recert but they only have 2 races on them.
fire extinguisher
Comes with kill switch (uninstalled)
Mostly finish cage with NASCAR style door bar. 1.5"X.095" DOM mild steel
Scroth interior net
G-force window net (uninstalled)

Wheels and tires:
Full set of 91 wheels with NT-01s that you could get some track time on
4 15X7 wheels with R888's
4 RX7 FD 16X8 wheels with R888s

Work needed:

The cage didn't meet my requirements (wasn't safe) so I had to cut the diagonal, harness, driver a pillar and door bars out. I have the NASCAR style door bars and a pillar bars bent, they are ready to weld in. I was holding off their installation as I was going to mount a new halo style OMP seat but couldn't decide on how I wanted to mount it. The diagonal and harness bars are easy, I can cut these and provide them. The mounting points at the rear strut tower need to be welded at the lower outboard location.

Needs a windshield as I broke it during removal.

Steering column needs to be mounted to dash bar.

EDIT: Pictures are of cage prior to some parts being cut out. I will provide current pictures if interest is there.


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If someone can still use this, I still have it and it's just sitting on my RV side. I'll let it go to a good home for $1800.
If someone can still use this, I still have it and it's just sitting on my RV side. I'll let it go to a good home for $1800.
Is this still available?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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