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~~!!!GARAGE FIND!!!~~


1991 Toyota MR2 T-TOP
VIN : JT2SW21NOM0003346
More pictures can be seen here:
2.2L N/A
5 speed manual
160,000 miles on odometer
H&R Lowering springs
ST sway Bar front and Rear
Twos are us Rear toe kit
- Short throw shift kit
- OBX Oil pressure gauge.
- side scoop. (Fiberglass, no name or markings on it)
- 4-1 header
- No name intake and filter pod.

History: From the owner, This car was purchased around 2009-2010 from an owner in Birmingham who used to track the car at Barber Motorsports. From then until now the car has been located in Brandon Mississippi. It was owned by an older gentleman who was planning on doing the V6 swap. Unfortunately He passed away in 2016 due to cancer. His wife was not ready to part with the car until now. The wife was referred to me by a friend as she wanted to sell it but it was not running. the owner still retains the title to the car I am consigning it on their behalf. I got it over to my house and determined it had a dead fuel pump. replaced the fuel pump strainer and fuel filter and she is running like a champ!.

What I have done to the Car:
- Replaced the fuel pump, Strainer and fuel filter
- Diagnosed the radio (Front speakers were not working. Bad connections at the speaker)
- Flushed the brake fluid.
- Buffed the Paint with a polisher
- Cleaned the car inside and out.
- Cleaned and waxed the wheels.
- Charged the A/C and it works great.

The good:
- Air conditioning!
- The car does have a set of cams. I popped the valve cover and suspect they are the .322" lift ones here, (Measuring with a caliper) There are no markings on the cams. Web Cam Racing Cams Inc. / Toyota MR 2 5 SFE DOHC 16v
- suspension and alignment are spot on.
- Zero rust issues
- The wheel tracks straight and steering wheel is centered.
- I suspect the car has a stage one clutch in it.
- A tune up and some new rubber and this car is ready for a track day again.
- Have put about 500 miles on the car with no issues.

The Bad:
- it needs a Timing belt and tune up last T-belt was done in 2009 10,000 miles ago.
- 3 of the tires are from 2005 according to the date codes (one tire was replaced in 2018 because it went flat.)
- it needs new brake pads on all 4 corners
- the LH headlamp motor is not working. (it will go down, but not up)
- It's a 30 year old Japanese car and the sun has not done the interior any favors.
-The neoprene seat covers are faded
- Bumpers are faded
- LH front fender was repainted.

More pictures can be seen here:


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