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FS: 1989 Toyota MR2 Gen3 heavily modified autocross SSM

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Car is in Calgary AB Canada. For a US buyer, I'm willing to trailer the car and meet at a border crossing within 5 hours. Car can be imported to the US easily as it is over 25 years old. For a Canadian Buyer delivery within reason could be worked out. Car has a clean title.

I've owned this particular car for over a decade and the AW11 MR2 project started years before that with a different chassis. I bought this car with a 3sgte swap already performed by Steve Groenick in Lethbridge, AB, Canada. It was a street car that was basically stock except for the motor. I have performed every other modification on the car myself with help from friends. The interior on this car is mint and all present due to the SSM ruleset. There is no rust on the exterior and while I wouldn't call it mint, it has to be in the 90th percentile.

I've run the engine basically stock in hopes of reliability. The blitz ECU allows for boost beyond the 18psi maps in the OEM ECU and I have run about 19 using a race fuel mixture (just to be safe) and colder plugs. Usually just 16psi on 94 pump gas. Even at only ~300hp/280ftlbs, car has a massive amount of thrust due to short gearing and insane traction.

This has not been my primary autocross car since 2010 where I took it to SCCA Nationals and competed in SSM. Car had bad knock sensor (I didn't know at the time) that would sometimes send it into limp mode but with a clear run the car placed 7th on day one in the damp conditions. I also ran ProSolos that year and the car was capable of 1.7sec 60ft times in Packwood.

Even since then, the car has changed a lot as a constant background tinkering project to get my wrenching fix. Weight has been lost, wheels bearings and brakes replaced, and the suspension has been completely overhauled with new ball joints, replacing every bushing with a spherical bearing, and new custom valved front struts.

While the car has always been viewed by me as an ongoing project, it has now completed the past few local events without issue and could be run as is. Car is definitely capable of being an FTD car locally and even competing on PAX locally in SSM.

Keeping with the SSM ruleset, there are still projects for the car for the tinkerer. Weight can still be lost with simple things like a custom engine/trunk cover and replacing the two massive metal rad fans, etc. There is further Aero work with a front splitter build and venting the rad through the hood. Covering the T-Tops with lightweight panels would also help the rear wing work better. For a serious builder, gearing could be changed and an engine could actually be built for it. I still have a spare longblock that goes with the car too and could be built and swapped in. If you decided to go beyond to XP there is a ton of weight savings that could drop hundreds more pounds and make the car much quicker and more fun with nearly no cost.

I couldn't even calculate how much I've spent over the years on this project but it's tens of thousands. I'm clearly expecting to recoup only a fraction of that. I'm considering selling it because I can't leave it alone and keep spending money on it even though I don't have time or energy to devote to it.

- Small diameter Momo wheel
- Two Sparco Speed seats. Drivers custom mounted currently...can accommodate really tall people.
- AEM wide band
- AEM Boost controller and gauge
- NEW IN BOX Wedge Engineering drivers seat bracket (

- 4 15x10 Real racing wheel
- 2 15x7.5 and 2 15x9 Work Equip 01
- 2 x 15x8 949 Racing 6UL
- ARP extended studs

- Low mile (<40k kms?) Gen 3 ST205 3SGTE with stock CT20B ceramic wheel turbo
- OEM Viscous LSD in E153 trans
- Blitz ECU
- ST205 Air to Water intercooler
- Front Mount Heat Exchanger and pump in the frunk
- Custom Reservoir in the frunk
- Custom stainless exhaust to Vibrant resonator
- Axles from Chico Race Works and Toyota OEM plus two extras (really hard to find)
- NEW IN BOX custom billet alum 2lbs Alternator bracket from RacerX Fab (
- Also include a Spare Gen3 3SGTE (broken CT20b turbo with chipped wheel)

- RacerX custom tube control arms with all spherical bearings and adjustable length everything ( /
- Custom rear toe arms with spherical bearings
- Custom made shortened front and rear strut tubes
- Pro Parts custom valved Koni Double Adjustable 8611 Race Struts Front
- OTS Koni Double Adjustable 8611 Race Struts Rear (
- Cusco camber plates front
- Ground Control camber plates rear (
- 'Flipped' front tie rods (
- Stacked T3/Cusco RCAs front (
- T3 RCAs rear (
- NEW IN BOX Custom toe arms to further correct bump steer
- Still have all original suspension arms with Poly Bushings
- Many extra struts and casings...Race single adj (8610), Yellows, etc.
- Extra T3 rear Camber plates (

- 11lbs Oddessey battery in the frunk
- Ciro Design dual CF element 56" rear wing
- VIS Carbon Fiber Hood
- Paul Woods FRP fixed headlight buckets with custom projectors
- NEW IN BOX Paul Woods massive FRP flares (

I'm asking $14,000CAD which at todays exchange is Just $11,000USD.
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